Andrea’s Notable Night of the Notables Assessment- 2014

Did you see what I did in the title there? “Andrea’s Notable Night of the Notables Assessment”. I thought it was pretty clever when it popped into my mind ten seconds ago. Good one, Past Andrea. Future Andrea is proud. Anyways, getting back on topic, Night of the Notables! What a crazy night that was. My feet still hurt from running around trying to get everything together. I’m feeling nostalgic.. Read More

Andrea’s Angelic Annotated biBLOGraphy- 2014

I am proud to say that after countless hours of staring, intense research, blood, sweat, and tears did I discover that this is an “Annotated Biblography”. I laughed really hard when I found out, aka in my bedroom at 2:00 AM. Even though I woke up my sister and she scolded me (Thanks Crystal), it was totally worth the realization and I can safely say, I regret nothing. Anyways, back.. Read More

Andrea’s Divine Document of Learning- 2014

I would be lying if I told you that this eminent journey has been a relaxed ride. Its been more like a car ride through endless potholes and speed bumps with three slashed tires. I remember right before I started eminent, almost all the tens warned me not to procrastinate and I, being the stupid child I am, brushed them off telling them that ‘I never procrastinate, you don’t have to.. Read More

Andrea’s Spectacular SFU Library Post- 2014

The morning of the SFU library trip, I specifically remember my mom telling my sister and I to bring umbrellas, or at least a jacket, to which I dismissed by saying “Mom, it’s not even going to rain and if it does, I’ll use Crystal’s umbrella.” I can now say that I, future Andrea, regret that decision greatly. Especially since Crystal didn’t bring an umbrella either. The bus ride to.. Read More

Andrea’s Irresistible Introductory Post to Jane Austen- 2014

Is it already that time? The time that every 10 has warned me about? Is it already time to start eminent? I can’t really tell if I’m excited or not. I know I’m definitely nervous, maybe a little nauseous, and, quite possibly, eager. I also can’t tell if this eagerness is due to the fact I want to finish eminent so I can stop stressing or that I’m genuinely excited. But, nonetheless,.. Read More