1799: Goodbye note

June 14th, 1799 It’s been just less than five years since the end of the reign of terror and life couldn’t have changed more. Amongst the thousands of executions, I managed to be spared. Watching almost all of my friends leave this world was hard, but there was nothing us nobles could do to stop it. After all the deaths, I am able to admit to myself that I was.. Read More

1791: When will I say my goodbyes?

June 1791, The news has been flying around town left and right. I’ve heard just about enough of it. Every turn I make, I hear someone spreading the news of the attempt of escape by King Louis XVI and my dear friend Marie Antoinette. Last night, the King and Queen, along with their children fled Paris for Montmédy. Sadly, they only got as far as to the town of Varennes.. Read More

“Through Me You Are All Brothers”

This image is titled “Through Me You Are All Brothers” and shows the three estates being unified through religion. In the image, The Virgin holds a cross that emits rays of light towards the other figures. The other figures are supposed to represent the three estates: the clergy, nobles, and commoners. As you can see in the photo, an unidentified figure holds onto the priest and noble. The hooded figure.. Read More

1784: Parading in the Queen’s Hamlet

September 1784 Today I met up with Her Most Christian Majesty The Queen of France and Navarre, Marie Antoinette. It’s been just short of fifteen years since she and the king have been married, yet she is still not given many responsibilities. Fortunately, that means she has a great deal of free time on her hands for us to parade around in her hamlet. We spend many days a week.. Read More

What does it all meme?

I never thought in my educational career would I ever have to make a meme for class. As someone who does not look at many memes, and definitely has never made one, I would just like to apologize in advance for anyone who has to see my memes. Nonetheless, exploring with various meme generators and revisiting my old friend comic sans was quite a fun journey. For my first meme,.. Read More

Dol#2 SS 2016: Kesha & Dr. Luke

For my second document of learning, after switching topics multiple times, I finally decided on my original idea: The Dr. Luke and Kesha case. Not only am I familiar with the artist, but I also thought it would be a good idea to focus on a topic I didn’t have that much prior knowledge on. I want to learn more about the nature of sexual assault cases, as well as.. Read More

DoL#1 SS 2016: Forming my own opinions

Personal Narrative: With socials 10 out of the way as well as eminent, it feels as though I’m coming to a close in my socials journey in TALONS. However, I know this next semester in socials is going to take me on a crazy roller coaster. Last year for my final, I had the options of PLOs, historical life, or a pechafinal. I chose to try my luck with a.. Read More

Learning Outcome B2: Residential Schools in Uttarakhand

To demonstrate my understanding of the PLO B2, I drew a political cartoon accompanied with text to explain it. Take a look at it here: In order to provide children with quality education, recently, the government of Uttarakhand has announced to open “residential schools” in all 13 districts of the state. The reason I put residential schools in quotes is because these residential schools are not like the ones we.. Read More

Document of Learning: Political Narrative

Since I was very first introduced to the idea of politics in elementary school, I had never been a big fan of it. Like most children, the new political gossip was much less important than catching a new episode of the Teletubbies. Unfortunately (or fortunately??), there comes a time in high school where you begin to dive headfirst into the topic that is politics. Thanks high school. At the beginning.. Read More

Document of Learning B2: Why am I such a bad button blanket sewer?

All throughout elementary school, every year, I studied a little portion about Aboriginal people. Though it was never about residential schools or their interactions with European settlers, this topic is something I had been introduced to at a very young age. In elementary school, especially in grades 4 and 5, the ideas I was introduced to about Aboriginal Canadians were very light topics; these topics included food, games, and clothing… Read More