June 14th, 1799

It’s been just less than five years since the end of the reign of terror and life couldn’t have changed more. Amongst the thousands of executions, I managed to be spared. Watching almost all of my friends leave this world was hard, but there was nothing us nobles could do to stop it. After all the deaths, I am able to admit to myself that I was of lesser importance amongst the nobles, a big reason as to how I survived. I now realize how ignorant I had been. Surrounding myself with the Queen and her companions changed my perspective of life. I remember when I was young, I would converse with anyone and everyone. I didn’t pick and choose my friends based off of their appearances.

After watching the King and Queen perish, as well as the monarchy, I understand how little of an impact I made on the revolution. I could have joined organizations, clubs, read flyers, done anything to help stop the executions. Instead, I hid in the shadows and let others do the work and fight for my freedom.

However, the past is the past and what has been done cannot be changed. I can only hope that if I were to do it again, I would have acted differently. Since the end of the reign of terror, I have moved to America with my husband who has left the political world to become a doctor. Here in America, I still lead a rather lavish life, if I do say so myself. While I no longer parade with Marie Antoinette in her hamlet, I have found new friends to fill her spot.

This will be my last entry as I intend to rid my life of this journal as I cannot truly move on if this constant reminder is always with me. Carrying it with me only reminds myself of the past. To whoever finds this, I hope my entries provide you with some insight and guidance with your life.

Ezra Wellington