June 1791,

The news has been flying around town left and right. I’ve heard just about enough of it. Every turn I make, I hear someone spreading the news of the attempt of escape by King Louis XVI and my dear friend Marie Antoinette. Last night, the King and Queen, along with their children fled Paris for Montmédy. Sadly, they only got as far as to the town of Varennes after the King was recognized at their last stop. Marie had dressed as a governess while the King a valet. Even when escaping her own monarchy, Marie has to indulge in one of her favorite hobbies: dressing up.

Marie hadn’t told me about her plan to escape, which was quite a shame. I had seen her just five days prior where we had relaxed in her hamlet and feasted on bread. Though now that I think of it, I should have seen the signs. She had been complaining about her husband’s method of dealing with revolutionary demands. The riots and mobs caused by the commoners always left her husband in a state of shock. Lately, the King had been leaving many important decisions in the hands of Marie. While during the first years of their marriage she had wished for more political responsibility, Marie had stressed how relatively untrained she was for making these large scale decisions.

After the royal family’s capture, I’ve been hearing of the news non-stop. After the third estate and many others began to riot against the monarchy, the King fled in an attempt at gaining more freedom. My biggest wish would have to be that Marie had told me of her plans before she left. Now that she is being confined to the Tuileries Palace, I wonder if I am allowed to go visit. I could only imagine what would have happened had they been hurt during the escape. I would never even get to say my goodbyes. Now that my dear friend Marie Antoinette along with her family are being locked into a palace, I can only imagine what is going to be left of the monarchy.