1799: Goodbye note

June 14th, 1799 It’s been just less than five years since the end of the reign of terror and life couldn’t have changed more. Amongst the thousands of executions, I managed to be spared. Watching almost all of my friends leave this world was hard, but there was nothing us nobles could do to stop it. After all the deaths, I am able to admit to myself that I was.. Read More

1791: When will I say my goodbyes?

June 1791, The news has been flying around town left and right. I’ve heard just about enough of it. Every turn I make, I hear someone spreading the news of the attempt of escape by King Louis XVI and my dear friend Marie Antoinette. Last night, the King and Queen, along with their children fled Paris for Montmédy. Sadly, they only got as far as to the town of Varennes.. Read More