Through Me You Are All Brothers

This image is titled “Through Me You Are All Brothers” and shows the three estates being unified through religion. In the image, The Virgin holds a cross that emits rays of light towards the other figures. The other figures are supposed to represent the three estates: the clergy, nobles, and commoners. As you can see in the photo, an unidentified figure holds onto the priest and noble. The hooded figure is meant to represent the traditional thinking of the old regime.

As there is not much information on this image, I am not entirely sure who made it. Unfortunately the words at the bottom of the photo are slightly blurry so I cannot read them. However, I do think it is significant towards the French Revolution as the large difference between nobles and commoners was one of the many causes of the revolution. It shows that the three estates could have been unified, but traditional ideas and beliefs held them back. In my first Dol for the French revolution, I wrote about how, as a noble, I lived a very lavish life. However, at the very end, I wonder if there is anything I could do to help the starvation that had begun pre French Revolution.