September 1784

Today I met up with Her Most Christian Majesty The Queen of France and Navarre, Marie Antoinette. It’s been just short of fifteen years since she and the king have been married, yet she is still not given many responsibilities. Fortunately, that means she has a great deal of free time on her hands for us to parade around in her hamlet. We spend many days a week dressing up and trying on jewelry. Both of our husbands are always at work which leaves us with no responsibilities. However, we manage to always fill up our schedules with party planning and gown shopping.

It must be stressful living in the Palace of Versailles, having eyes on you during all moments of the day. That is why Marie had her hamlet built. An escape from all the great buildings and people, at her hamlet we wear comfortable commoner gowns. Today we dressed up as milkmaids and sat around in one of her many cottages as we watched the farmer water crops. I’ve always wanted a private getaway like Marie, and now that my husband is moving up in the ranks, I may be able to have one built. Of course, it will never be as lavishing as The Queens with her exceptionally built cottages surrounding a lake, but I can always dream.

Her farmer brings in the freshly harvested cauliflower and artichokes before preparing them with a side of bread for us. As the sun sets, I say goodbye to my dear friend before heading home. As I near my home, I see the start of a riot at a nearby bakery. Angry yelling is exchanged amongst the crowds as the baker emerges from the safety of his bakery. I can see him try and tame the crowds, but the people’s yelling about bread prices drowns out his attempts. I scan the crowds to see many frail, thin figures. Rising bread prices and failed harvests must be taking a toll on the 3rd estate. However, I continue on my way home. I mean, there was nothing I could do about it, right?