As we head right into the middle of AprilMayJune, I remember why these few months are so stressful. With homework, extracurricular activities, and the adventure trip coming up soon, my schedule is pretty much packed until the end of June. However, I still make sure to set aside time each week for my in-depth!

This year, I’m really disappointed that in-depth is ending as I found that I really enjoyed my project. In the midst of homework and school stress, I found that working on painting was a relaxing break. Like my grade nine in-depth, even though this was homework, working on art was so enjoyable and calming that I began to treat my in-depth project as a hobby. I think one of the most important aspects of learning something new is making sure that you enjoy it. When you genuinely enjoy something, learning and working at it doesn’t seem as much of a chore. I think that is why no matter how many mistakes I made during my in-depth 2016 progress, they all seemed like a fun challenge I was ready to face.

Another important aspect I think is important for many projects, is the takeaway. Getting something out of a project, whether it is a realization or a new appreciation, shows improvement and growth in not only that subject, but also you as a person. Definitely one of my main takeaways from this project is a new hobby. Now that I have come to genuinely enjoy painting, I hope that I can pursue this in the future, even when in-depth is over.

Now onto my update!

Over the past couple of weeks, I actually have been working on two paintings. I am almost done my third painting as I am mostly just adding a few more finishing touches. I am meeting with my mentor, Grace, tomorrow to finish it. This painting has been quite a challenge as I had originally began painting something else, before changing halfway. However, it taught me how easily paint can be fixed. Unlike pencil drawings, simply adding more layers of paint can cover a mistake. However, I have also learned from personal experience that adding too many layers of paint can also look quite bad. It also taught me to go with the flow more when choosing what to paint and what colors to experiment with as it can always be covered!

As for my fourth painting, I have recently just started at home. Grace and I decided that I would paint on a smaller canvas for my final painting as it would let me focus on more detail. Instead of a large canvas where the overall presentation is extremely important, using a small canvas will let me pay attention to color, strokes, and different techniques I am using. In terms of what I am painting, I decided to stray away from water as I included that in my last two paintings, but rather try something new. Grace thought it would be interesting for me to try and paint snow as at first glance it seems simple, but actually takes many different colors.

As for my learning centre, I have decided not to perform and just stick with a table. I obviously want to display my four paintings, but am still deciding how. I might ask around if anyone has an easel and also ask Grace if I can borrow a few of hers. I also think I’m going to display my paintings out of order as a quick and simple interactive component. Last year, I had people copy my drawings in three minutes or under and displayed them around my table. This year, I’m thinking about asking people to guess which paintings were my first and last paintings. This would not only be a simple interactive component of my learning centre, but would also provide me with feedback to see if I have improved in my painting skills or not.

Anyways, thank you for reading!

Almost done my third painting
Almost done my third painting