I never thought in my educational career would I ever have to make a meme for class. As someone who does not look at many memes, and definitely has never made one, I would just like to apologize in advance for anyone who has to see my memes. Nonetheless, exploring with various meme generators and revisiting my old friend comic sans was quite a fun journey.

socials memeFor my first meme, I chose to focus on Hamilton as well as tying it into a current and popular meme, grumpy cat. For some of the criteria my quad discussed when creating a meme, we decided that a successful meme included popularity, relatability, and overall humor. This meme includes the famous ‘Talk less. Smile more.’ quote from the Hamilton play and touches on relatability and popularity by including the grumpy cat picture at the bottom.

This meme also connects with big idea #4, “Collective identity is constructed and can change over time.” While I usually relate this big idea to countries changing their identity over time, in this situation I relate it to Hamilton. While I am definitely not as familiar with the play Hamilton as many other students in TALONS, after listening to more of the songs and reading a couple of articles, I was able to understand how this meme related to big idea #4. In the beginning of the play, Hamilton is just starting out his journey and is seen asking for advice from Burr in the second song. When I listen further into the play, I can see (or in this case hear) that he sounds a lot more confident in his ideas and that his overall identity has somewhat changed. I relate the quote “Talk less. Smile more.” to the general beginning of Hamilton’s journey as it is first heard in the second song and is brought back up numerous times.

I also slightly relate this meme to big idea #3 “Disparities in power alter the balance of relationships between individuals and between societies.” as at first, Hamilton is asking Burr for advice on how he graduated so early. Here, I believe that Burr is in more power, but later into the play as Hamilton becomes Washington’s right hand man and gains more power, Burr is seen to become jealous, which overall affects their relationship.

Screenshot (112)The next meme I created was following the style of the comic sans Valentine’s Day cards. I was really excited to make this meme as the cards look super simple and easy. Also, as Mr. Jackson stated, what makes these memes so humorous and popular is that they’re so poorly done that they end up being funny. I was hoping to take the simplicity level to my advantage as I have no experience in making memes. However, unlike my last creation where I found a meme generator to use, there was no template I could take to create the comic sans Valentine’s Day card. What I ended up doing was opening a word document and pasting a picture of a pink background. I then wrote my letter using the famous comic sans font, and topped it off by adding a Donald trump picture on top of it.

This meme relates big idea #2 and a current event together. The name Donald Trump has been heard everywhere over the past few months, whether it’s from a video or a conversation. I decided to make a meme of Donald Trump as his mark in American politics is very popular and current as of right now. The big idea I relate to this meme is big idea #2, “The physical environment influences the nature of political, social, and economic change.” because if Trump does somehow manages to build the wall between America and Mexico, as well as America and Canada, many aspects of our daily life would change. For one, as someone who doesn’t fully understand economics, I can still see that cutting connections from your neighbouring countries will definitely affect your economy. Politically and socially, Canada and America would definitely not have as strong of a bond that we have now if the wall is built.

Overall, I’m actually really glad I got to experiment with making memes and discovering what makes them successful. I have also had lots of fun listening to the Hamilton sound track (my favorite is still ‘You’ll Be Back’, I’m not sure why) and having an excuse to put it on full blast in my living room. However, if there is one thing I realize now, it’s that I am much better off looking at memes than I am at making them.

Thanks for reading!