In-Depth 2016 Weeks 13, 14, 15, & 16- Almost there!

As we head right into the middle of AprilMayJune, I remember why these few months are so stressful. With homework, extracurricular activities, and the adventure trip coming up soon, my schedule is pretty much packed until the end of June. However, I still make sure to set aside time each week for my in-depth! This year, I’m really disappointed that in-depth is ending as I found that I really enjoyed.. Read More

What does it all meme?

I never thought in my educational career would I ever have to make a meme for class. As someone who does not look at many memes, and definitely has never made one, I would just like to apologize in advance for anyone who has to see my memes. Nonetheless, exploring with various meme generators and revisiting my old friend comic sans was quite a fun journey. For my first meme,.. Read More

In-Depth 2016 Weeks 9, 10, 11, & 12- Changing paintings halfway!

Since my last post, I have started my third painting. I worked on it for a week or so before I headed off to Mexico on spring break. My mentor also went on vacation for spring break so we were not able to meet for around two weeks. However, we did meet up this week to try and make up for the missed meetings. For my third painting, I decided.. Read More