In-Depth 2016 Weeks 5 & 6- Second Painting Coming Along

The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic with adventure trip, science, electives, and out of school activities. However, I continue to work with my mentor weekly in hopes of continuing my process in the in-depth project. After I finished my first painting in my last post, I have since then started my second painting. As we are already on the sixth week of in-depth, I am happy to.. Read More

DoL#1 SS 2016: Forming my own opinions

Personal Narrative: With socials 10 out of the way as well as eminent, it feels as though I’m coming to a close in my socials journey in TALONS. However, I know this next semester in socials is going to take me on a crazy roller coaster. Last year for my final, I had the options of PLOs, historical life, or a pechafinal. I chose to try my luck with a.. Read More

In-Depth 2016 Weeks 2, 3, & 4 – First Painting Done!

  As finals week and provincial exam week ends, I spent most of my provincial exam week break painting. In the past three weeks, I have met with my mentor three times. It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been four weeks since in-depth started, yet I’ve already managed to finish a painting! This puts me ahead of my planned schedule. However, my mentor, Grace, suggested I paint something small and.. Read More