As we are halfway into the first month of 2016, I can’t help but look back on 2015 and reflect on how fast of a year that was for me. From adventure trip to completing my first year in TALONS to eminent, 2015 was definitely my most exciting year! Considering all the fun I had in while doing last year’s in-depth, it’s sufficient to say I am extremely excited for my 2016 in-depth project.

Last year’s in-depth project had me studying how to draw portraits. As I always have had a passion for arts whether it be with pencils, paint, or chalk, portrait drawing was definitely the right choice for me. However, before I came to the decision of portrait drawing, I was also stuck with the option of painting. As I had prior experience in drawing but not portraits, I decided to further expand my knowledge of the arts using pencils. This year, I have decided to extend my grade nine in-depth by studying acrylic painting.

My mentor will be the same mentor as last year as I am continuing on with the project. Grace, a local art teacher, has kindly agreed to help me further develop my skills in painting as she had done with me the year prior with sketching. We have decided to try and meet every Tuesday or every other Tuesday if our schedules get too busy. One of the reasons I chose Grace to be my mentor is because I know she will be able to give me feedback that will help benefit my progress. As she has been drawing and painting since she was young, I know her vast amount of knowledge will definitely help on my in-depth 2016 journey.

As someone who has been immersed in drawing and music since a young age, one of the few art mediums I had only tried a handful of times was painting. The few times I had painted, it was with water color and it always ended with me painting myself a new shirt. As I talked to my mentor, she suggested I move away from water color and focus in on acrylic painting as it is a fast drying paint that would provide more challenge for me in this project. I still have yet to decide on what the theme of my paintings are going to be, or if I’m even going to have one. This will have to be discussed with my mentor at our next meeting.

I am hoping that each painting will be completed in five weeks as it would give me a total of four paintings to display. For each blog post, I will be posting a picture of how far along I am in on that specific painting. One of the key components I tried to work on last year was patience. This year, I am definitely incorporating patience into my project as not only will I have to be patient with myself, I will also have to be patient waiting for the paint to dry. Another key component I’m looking at this year is stress relief. As next week are finals, I’m really hoping to be able to start in-depth soon as I hope that painting can help me relax and relieve stress.

One of the main reasons I chose to continue last year’s in-depth study was because of how far I have come since ending the project. Not only did I learn to portrait sketch, I also fully develop a hobby I had been interested in since my youth. Since May 2015, I have continued on portrait sketching and have even drawn my friends for birthday presents. I am hoping that painting will be the same for me and I will be able to continue painting past this project and fully develop this unrequited passion of mine.

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Thank you very much for reading! I am looking forward for where the next three weeks will take me and how far I will come in my in-depth 2016 project!