Learning Outcome B2: Residential Schools in Uttarakhand

To demonstrate my understanding of the PLO B2, I drew a political cartoon accompanied with text to explain it. Take a look at it here: In order to provide children with quality education, recently, the government of Uttarakhand has announced to open “residential schools” in all 13 districts of the state. The reason I put residential schools in quotes is because these residential schools are not like the ones we.. Read More

Document of Learning: Political Narrative

Since I was very first introduced to the idea of politics in elementary school, I had never been a big fan of it. Like most children, the new political gossip was much less important than catching a new episode of the Teletubbies. Unfortunately (or fortunately??), there comes a time in high school where you begin to dive headfirst into the topic that is politics. Thanks high school. At the beginning.. Read More