Socials Mid-Term 2015

For my 2015 socials mid-term, I decided to demonstrate my succeeded PLO’s and PLO’s that need improvement visually through a mind map. I chose to use a mind map to demonstrate the socials PLO because it lets me visually see the topics I need to work on without having to read a lot, unlike an essay. With that being said, though I did make a mind map, I also wrote.. Read More

Pat Whelan: Final Address

My final address: “My minutes are slowly but surely coming to an end. As I wait to be fetched for my public hanging, I can’t help but think back on how it all happened. As soon as Thomas D’Arcy McGee was killed, the assassin was immediately assumed to be a Fenian. Ok like sure, the police found the exact same gun that was used to kill him in my front.. Read More

Pat Whelan: From the Cell

Dear Journal, Day 23 Twenty-three. That’s how many days I’ve sat here, alone and cold, in this dark prison cell. Without even the company of a cell mate, I spend my days praying that somehow, I will get out. Let me tell you how I got here. The past few years have been hectic. With father and mother passing, a rocky relationship with my brother, and countlessly moving, I was.. Read More