Going into the future, 3-D food printing!

Where have we been? Where are we going? In the beginning, I didn’t know how to interpret these questions. When Mr. Jackson first wrote “Where have we been?” on the board, I began listing off all the countries I had been to (a whole 4) until I noticed the question was addressed as “we” and not “you”. So who is we? A group as big as the entire human race.. Read More

In-Depth Post #4 (Weeks 6 and 7)- 2015

In these last two weeks, thanks to both of our clear schedules, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with my mentor, Grace, three times. These three sessions with her have proved to be extremely productive as I have finally finished my first portrait! Obviously it is not the best as this is my first experience with sketching, but I am very proud of myself. The sketch was not focused on.. Read More

In-Depth Post #3 (Weeks 4 and 5)- 2015

These past few weeks have flown by so quickly. From finals to break and going back to school soon, you would think that I’ve had no time to work on my in-depth, but the truth is, working on my in-depth project has brought me relaxation that school does not. I’ve met with my mentor, Grace, twice these past two weeks. Though my sketching has been efficient, I’m still proving to.. Read More