Andrea’s Incomplete Interview- 2014

(Basic outline of all my emails, changed depending on who I was addressing) Hello ______, My name is Andrea Shao, I am currently a grade 9 student at Gleneagle Secondary and am writing this letter to you requesting for your help. Recently, I have begun a class project where I was assigned to study an eminent person. The person I have decided to study is Jane Austen. I thought it.. Read More

Andrea’s Notable Night of the Notables Assessment- 2014

Did you see what I did in the title there? “Andrea’s Notable Night of the Notables Assessment”. I thought it was pretty clever when it popped into my mind ten seconds ago. Good one, Past Andrea. Future Andrea is proud. Anyways, getting back on topic, Night of the Notables! What a crazy night that was. My feet still hurt from running around trying to get everything together. I’m feeling nostalgic.. Read More

Andrea’s Angelic Annotated biBLOGraphy- 2014

I am proud to say that after countless hours of staring, intense research, blood, sweat, and tears did I discover that this is an “Annotated Biblography”. I laughed really hard when I found out, aka in my bedroom at 2:00 AM. Even though I woke up my sister and she scolded me (Thanks Crystal), it was totally worth the realization and I can safely say, I regret nothing. Anyways, back.. Read More