Andrea’s Divine Document of Learning- 2014

I would be lying if I told you that this eminent journey has been a relaxed ride. Its been more like a car ride through endless potholes and speed bumps with three slashed tires. I remember right before I started eminent, almost all the tens warned me not to procrastinate and I, being the stupidĀ child I am, brushed them off telling them that ‘I never procrastinate, you don’t have to.. Read More

Andrea’s Spectacular SFU Library Post- 2014

The morning of the SFU library trip, I specifically remember my mom telling my sister and I to bring umbrellas, or at least a jacket, to which I dismissed by saying “Mom, it’s not even going to rain and if it does, I’ll use Crystal’s umbrella.” I can now say that I, future Andrea, regret that decision greatly. Especially since Crystal didn’t bring an umbrella either. The bus ride to.. Read More